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What are Sandwichpetals? The Ultimate Gluten Free Tortillas, Gluten Free Wraps & Flatbread. A bold statement, we know. But when we sought out to create the best gluten free tortillas, we knew we had to completely design every facet of the product, from the ground up. We collaborated with the renowned American Institute of Baking and utilized their multi-million dollar bakery product development lab to study and test over 100 different grain flours and various blends in search of the perfect gluten free tortillas, gluten free wraps and flatbread combinations. Guided by top baking industry minds and leading gluten free ingredients professionals, we eventually developed our Glu10Free™ grain flour blend. crypto pakistan

Who are Sandwichpetals for? Obviously, Celiacs or anyone who is interested in a gluten free diet. Diabetics, due to the low sugar and glycemic response, tend to respond well to gluten free diets. Athletes, hikers, bikers, runners, bodybuilders, could finally enjoy getting ready for competitions with delicious gluten free tortillas. From the popular perspective, most diet choices are restrictive, and feels like eating in black and white. It can get boring fast. With our gluten free tortillas, gluten free wraps and flatbreads, we aim for excellence and variety. That's why we have them in flavors ranging from spicy Chimayo Red Chile to sweet Agave Grain! Order some delicious gluten free tortillas, gluten free wraps and flatbread and see the SandwichPetals Difference! crypto in pakistan


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