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Letter to your store manager

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

If you would like to help get Sandwich Petals into your local store, print this page and bring it into the store. This will help them get the Petals in your store quicker. They need to know what products you want, so let them know.

Click on the link below to print your letter.

Dear store manager or buyer sandwichpetal 

Dear Store Manager or Buyer,

I love your store enough to take the time to print this out, and took the extra time to get this into your hands and I am hoping you will repay my loyalty to your store and begin carrying a product I very much want to buy from you. Carrying this product and making it convenient to me sincerely shows your concern for my family as this product truly makes my entire family able to sit down at the table and all enjoy meal time together again. Its size and shape also make it convenient for me to enjoy on the go meals stored in standard sandwich bags, something that was very difficult before this product.

Sandwichpetals are a 10 grain gluten free and virtually allergen free athletic flatbread and are not only nutritious at only 21 grams of low glycemic carbs, 100 calories each, (they are being used at the USA Olympic training center) but also delicious they come in 3 flavors of Agave Grain, Chimayo Chile, and Spinach Garlic. They are enriched with Prebiotics and high in Omega 3’s from flaxseed. They are shelf stable too allowing you to offer this unique product virtually anywhere in your store.

Sandwichpetals have been engineered to also appeal to many of your other customers who are dealing with diabetes, weight loss, celiac disease, gluten intolerance, food allergies, food intolerance and anyone who is following a dietary intervention/gluten-free casein-free diet for autism.

To request samples and information, please email them at:

Thanks for your consideration!

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