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Call for Recipes

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Okay so I admit I am no chef, so I am making you an exceptional offer, okay begging for help 🙂  Email us your recipe and if yours is chosen based on creativity and flavor, you will receive one variety box of petals worth $25 absolutely free, plus you may become an internet sensation! Please think outside the box as we did when we came up with the idea for Sandwichpetals, okay? Italian, Thai, Mexican, Asian, appetizers, desserts, entrees, healthy, decadent ….  Submit as many as you want. One new recipe will be chosen each week, however, we may receive some great ones and it may take a while to choose yours, so if you don’t get chosen as soon as you submit your recipe, be patient, it may be a winner in time!

Here is what I want from you, submit recipe, preparation instructions, pictures or video of you making and eating your  Sandwichpetal recipe. Have fun and share some great recipes with people who want to eat healthy like you!  Send us yours at

Here is something else my legal department  told me to put in here: By submitting your recipe and receiving your prize, you agree to allow us to use your recipe, testimonial, photos, videos and anything else you submit without exception for any printed, internet, or any other forms of marketing/advertising we do with no further compensation.