Review by: Chad Hines at Gluten-Free Faces

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Here is some of what Chad had to say about trying the Sandwich Petals:

“I was very excited to try these sandwich petals, because, corn tortillas simply aren’t the best substitute for a sandwich wrap! It had probably been a good 20 years since I have eaten a wrap, so you can imagine my joy when I opened up the package.”

“When I first opened up the package, my first instinct was to bend them around, to see just how pliable they really are! After all, gluten-free tortillas, especially larger tortillas, are known for falling apart easily! However, I was surprised that the Sandwich Petals were able to hold up very well.”

“I would definitely recommend that you heat up the sandwich petal prior to using it, as it makes the petal much more flexible and easy to use. The Garlic Pesto was an excellent replacement for the traditional sandwich wrap and you can actually taste the spinach, garlic and basil flavors, but they are not overpowering. It felt great to actually eat a wrap again!”

“The [Chimayo Red Chile] Sandwich Petal held up great and the burrito didn’t fall apart in my hands! The flavor was great and not really spicy at all, so don’t worry if you aren’t a big fan of spice.”

“Oh, and the best part about these sandwich petals is that they are shelf stable for 30 days without refrigeration!”

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