Review by: The Whole Kitchen

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Here is some of what The Whole Kitchen had to say about the Sandwich Petals:

“The adorably-named Sandwich Petals are one of the few gluten-free products that I truly love, and now want to have in my pantry at all times.”

“The Sandwich Petal - These pretty, football shaped tortillas are made by Raquelita’s in Denver, Colorado (and I just might stop in next time we’re visiting my brother out there). They’re only 90 calories each (as compared to some other GF tortillas at 180 cal/each), and they are pretty good for you, too. Nutrition is all well and good, but you know me – I’m all about GOOD food – and these hit the mark.”

“You can do anything with these tortillas. And for a gluten-free product, they’re pretty darned economical at $25 for a case of 36 tortillas (and that includes shipping). Order some today!”

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