Common Q & A’s

  1. Q. Sandwich Petals shelf life? Can I freeze the Petals?

              A. Sandwich Petals have 180 day shelf life with no freezing or refrigeration required. We do not recommend you freeze the Petals because it can dry them out. However, if you would like to you can, just make sure the Petals are in their original package or sealed air tight. Freezing will add another 30 days of shelf life to your Sandwich Petals.

      2.    Q.  Do the Petals have to be refrigerated?

             A. No the Petals do not need to be refrigerated. They have a shelf life of 180 days with no freezing or refrigeration required. Just keep them air tight for freshness after opening, they will be just fine at room temperature.

    2.    Q. Can I substitute a flavor that I don’t like for another flavor in the Sandwich Petals variety box?

             A.  No substitutes are available at this time. You will receive the Sandwich Petals variety box with 2 bags of Agave, 2 bags of Spinach, and 2 bags of Red Chile.  We don’t have the man power to do custom orders at this time. Sorry!

       3.   Q. Can I track my order?

              A. Yes, you will receive an email from UPS Quantum View with a tracking number for your package, when it is getting ready to leave our facility.

       4.    Q.  Are Sandwich Petals certified Kosher?

               A. No, Sandwich Petals are not certified Kosher.

       5.   Q.  Is our product GMO (Genetically modified organisms) free?

              A.  Yes, Sandwich Petals are GMO free.

        6.  Q.  Are any of the grains in Sandwich Petals the GMO variety? I would be willing to pay more for your product if I could be guaranteed all the ingredients are non-GMO.

             A.  All the grains in Sandwich Petals are NON-GMO. We have never used any of the GMO grains in the over 40 years of making tortillas and in fact got a huge boost in our business a few years ago when others started using them. We are past that one and we don’t want you to pay us extra to do the right thing, okay? Just enjoy them, enjoy healthy eating and keep in touch with us, that is what we mostly want as truly this product was not born out of financial goals, rather we wanted us to make something that was so healthy and so delicious that it would be tastier to eat better!

      7.  Q.  Won’t microwaving the Sandwich Petals kill the prebiotics and other nutrients?

             A. On the microwave killing the prebiotics, PREbiotics will withstand and remain fully potent even after the baking procedure or in the microwave and on the shelf, where PRObiotics won’t withstand heat and unrefrigerated time and that is why we don’t use PRObiotics  in Sandwich Petals, PRObiotics would not have delivered full potency after baking or sitting on a shelf. We are so much about delivering what we tell you is in the bag. Here is something you may find amusing: We actually had a supplier tell me that their special brand of probiotics would be shelf stable after baking and when we told them about the testing we do and that if they lied to us they would be subject to a huge lawsuit they changed their sales pitch in a heart beat.

PREbiotics are actually a kind of dietary fiber that once in your digestive system, they act like seeds (if you will for example sake) to help your body produce more flora, where PRObiotics are the actual flora and are extremely sensitive to heat, shelf life and can lose potency very easily.  

On the microwave usage? Well we are asking people, at least in our labeling, not to cook but rather gently reheat them so the temperature should not get that high to lessen the potency of the nutrients we included.

       8.   Q.  How long until my order ships after I place my order?

              A.  It will take  approximately 3 days for your order to process and then ship out to you after your order is placed, Monday through Friday. No orders will be processed, shipped or delivered on the weekends. 

        9.   Q.  What shipping method does Sandwich Petals free shipping include?

               A.  All orders (within the Contiguous US) receive free shipping, and you will receive your Sandwich Petals UPS ground Monday through Friday. No orders will be delivered on the weekends. Shipping will take approximately 6-9 days for delivery(M-F) after your order is processed(M-F) depending on your delivery location. Orders are shipped from Denver, CO.

         10.  Q.  Can Sandwich Petals be shipped to Canada?

               A.  No, we are not able to ship to Canada.

          11.  Q.   Do I need to warm each Petal before I use the Petal?

                A. Yes, it is extremely encouraged to warm each Sandwich Petal before adding any ingredients or eating. Warm each Petal for 30 seconds to a minute, depending on your grill, oven or microwave. Warming each Petal will add flexibility, and make them softer and easier to work with before adding any ingredients or trying to roll them or fold them.

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