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Sandwich Petals

 Why Sandwichpetals? Known as innovators in the tortilla industry for many years, we kept getting requests from customers to come up with something.  We heard comments about less than stellar taste, crumbling and fragility, cost and not being very convenient to buy and use, and not totally thrilled with the glutenfree bread choices on the market. We looked into this and saw a tremendous challenge as we have always been the type to find a solution where others see obstacles. This was a serious undertaking to say the least, as glutenfree baking is very difficult due to cost, scarcity of ingredients, when you do find them the ingredients don’t work very well on large scale baking equipment, baking in a glutenfree environment. Hey let me tell you we had no idea what we were in for when we started the journey, but it has been a blast and we have something very special to offer you.

What are Sandwichpetals? The Ultimate Glutenfree Athletic Flatbread. Simply put, they are truly the most advanced bread product on the market today.
That’s a pretty bold statement, how can we make that claim?   From the start, we engineered Sandwichpetals to be:
  • Glutenfree – continuously lab tested by American Institute of Baking to be glutenfree (less than 20 ppm)
  • Carbohydrate nutritionally deliberate– less than 24 grams per petal
  •  Virtually allergen free - Contains Zero: Dairy,Egg, Peanut,Tree nut, Shellfish, Soy, Wheat.
  • Diabetic & diet friendly – low glycemic ultra-low blood sugar rise due to low sugar content and very slow digestion
  •  Omega 3 – heart healthy
  • Prebiotics – helps digestive system health
  • Delicious – Agave Grain (think honey but better), Spinach Garlic Pesto, and Chimayo Red Chile
  • Easy storage – no freezing or refrigeration needed
  • Convenient - easily fits in a sandwich bag for easy meals on the go at work, play or traveling

Well first off, it certainly did not come easy! We had a desire to make a gluten free flatbread, and since nobody made anything like this we had to completely develop every aspect of this product as opposed to merely making a knock-off of what someone else had done. Starting at the prestigious American Institute of Baking, utilizing their multi-million dollar bakery product development lab, we researched over 100 different grain flours and various blends guided by top baking industry minds and leading glutenfree ingredient professionals and we eventually developed our Glu10Free grain flour blend. Finally achieving this difficult step was only part of the total picture though as Sandwich Petals are also advanced because of its deliberate nutritional profile. We dialed in the total carbs in each petal to help your body better utilize the total calories from each meal helping you eat truly healthier meals and to improve your body’s response to your caloric intake. It’s unique size literally makes it hard to over-eat because each Sandwich Petal will only hold so much food, helping guide you to more appropriate portions at each meal and most dieticians agree that portion control is even more critical than food choices when trying to eat healthy. Think of a smaller plate limiting how much you ate at each meal. The unique ellipse shape allows you to make a full size 9” burrito or wrap, or, when made as a flatbread sandwich cut in half, makes it super easy to pack in a regular sandwich bag for easy “on the go” meals. We wanted them to be rich in heart healthy Omega 3’s and each petal contains approximately 275 mgs, naturally occurring from the high amount of flaxseed. The medical field is finding Omega 3’s more important almost every day and yet most people don’t take enough of this critical nutrient. Sandwich Petals make it deliciously easy to get more heart healthy Omega 3’s in your daily diet! Prebiotics were added to help digestive health because even if you eat all the right foods, if your digestive system is not in tip top shape, you won’t properly digest and absorb the beneficial nutrients from all your efforts! We used the medical grade prebiotics that are very shelf stable so you get full potency and benefit of this important nutrient as well. We also formulated a special gum/fiber combination that radically slows digestion helping you achieve 2 things: #1 - Lower glycemic response (a lower rise in blood sugar) controlling insulin levels which in turn retard fat storage and increase fat utilization. #2 the slow digestion makes your stomach feels full longer, greatly reducing one of dietings enemies, hunger! You will not believe how long it takes for you to feel hungry again after eating so little. These Sandwich etals are a dieter’s dream food, and all these benefits were engineered in from the start. We have not yet seen a bread product of any kind that addresses so many different aspects to nutrition that is why we make the claim of the most advanced bread product on the market today.


Who are Sandwichpetals for? Obviously, Celiacs or anyone trying to eliminate gluten from their diet. Diabetics, due to the low sugar and glycemic response. Athletes, hikers, bikers, runners, bodybuilders, could finally enjoy getting ready for competitions. So often it seems eating really clean is like eating in black and white. - I know as twice I have lived thru a 16 week bodybuilding contest diet schedule, and that’s why we have them in spicy Chimayo Red Chile, savory spinach garlic pesto and lightly sweet agave grain! The flavoring aspect does not radically change the nutritional profile, yet radically changes the meal experience. We put in so much flavor that you can literally smell them thru the bag! You really will see, taste and smell all 3 delicious flavors! We wanted to put true enjoyment back into extreme healthy eating! You have the end result of easily several thousand miles of traveling, hotels that were nice and some cheesy ones, rental cars (the 2010 Camaro was very fun) to shuttle vans that only needed chickens & goats to complete the picture (not so fun). Now that Sandwich Petals are here, the response has been heartwarming. We all are onto something more than just a glutenfree flatbread. This is a product that allows Celiacs, athletes, and diabetics to eat without compromise and to enjoy creative, delicious, and convenient portable meals again! We are indeed bringing families back together at the dinner tables who are eating under perhaps unique situations, please let us know your comments as we sincerely want to hear ‘em all!!!


What are the ingredients in Sandwichpetals? GluTenFree Gluten-Free Proprietary blend of milled and whole grains (Corn, Flax, Sesame, Buckwheat, Brown Rice, Sorghum, Millet, Quinoa, Teff, and Amaranth), Water, Organic Agave nectar,  Tapioca Starch, Raisin Juice, Molasses, Short Chain Fructooligosaccharides, Xanthan Gum, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Fumaric acid, Sodium Propionate and Sorbic Acid. Then we add our appropriate flavors of either: Chimayo Red Chile (Chimayo and Chipotle pepper, garlic, green bell peppers), natural flavor, salt, chile powder, spice extracts, or Spinach Garlic Pesto (spinach, garlic, basil, parsley), salt, canola oil, spice extractives, natural flavors, artificial color.